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At Parabola Room we specialize in creating finely crafted, ultra-realistic ITB contemporary classical and hybrid-classical compositions (that include the influences of world music, jazz, rock, pop, blues, metal, among others) for visual media projects ranging from Film, Television, Games, Apps, to Media Installations.  Please see the details below




Parabola Room Music offers three distinct forms of music delivery for your project depending on your vision and budget.  They are:


1.  Full production, ultra-realistic MIDI based orchestration in any standard file format, and with any division of stems you require.  In addition to the quality of the instruments, we utilize a wide range of industry cutting edge reverberant spaces and audio effects processing, to really dial in on the audio production style and qualities you want to impart to your project.


2.  Full production, ultra-realistic MIDI based orchestration in conjunction with live musicians.  For the extra presence of live players, often for prominent solo passages Parabola Room Music Provides the service of recording unlimited live soloists or a limited capacity to record groups of live musicians.


3.  Traditional music scores and parts for an entirely live performance.  If a live orchestral/large ensemble performance is desired, Parabola Room Music will provide professional, standard quality conductor scores and individual instrument parts for live sync performances.  In addition to providing the composition(s) as music scores for live performance, Parabola Room Music will also provide a full production MIDI orchestration of the composition(s), which can be an invaluable resource for the conductor for performance proficiency needs. However, Parabola Room Music does not provide the means for recording a 100% live sync performance of an orchestra or large ensemble.  Those arrangements would have to be made separately.



For further details about our services and rates, please contact us at: