M                               U                              S                                   I                           C


P U R E  O R C H E S T R A L  M U S I C  E X A M P L E S

(Please audition through high quality monitors or studio grade headphones)

Quirky Comedy


Style:  Off beat comedy, mischievous animation


Instrumentation:  Medium size chamber ensemble featuring woodwinds and percussion

Avant Garde


Style:  Military action, or intense/edgy modern orchestral music for high stakes drama


Instrumentation:  Large modern orchestra representing all the instruments

Burton Way


Style:  Animated suspense, tongue and cheek international intrigue


Instrumentation: Large orchestra featuring grand piano

Noir Depths


Style:  Film Noir, brooding dark drama


Instrumentation:  Chamber orchestra featuring tenor saxophone and coronet

Chase!! Chromatic Tunnel


Style:  Intense Action/chase sequence


Instrumentation:  Large orchestra

Truffaut 52 in Memorium


Style:  Homage to the French New Wave and bittersweet romance and longing


Instrumentation:  Lush orchestral strings with woodwind soloists



Style:  1970's-styled crime drama --- Dirty Harry, The Getaway, Charles Bronson., et al


Instrumentation:  String and brass ensemble featuring drum kit and harp




Style:  Fantasy, exotica



Instrumentation:  Solo woodwinds, ensemble woodwinds, large string orchestra

Resolve Mix


Style:  Ethical drama, heroic resolve


Instrumentation: Large orchestra featuring epic brass sections



Style: Grand Disney-style orchestra cue with an emotional transition


Instrumentation:  Large Orchestra featuring soaring strings and majestic horns

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