M                               U                              S                                   I                           C


Principal Partner/ Producer


Anton Peterson is a musician, music composer, producer, sound engineer. His diverse background started at a young age with a love for music and the arts. Growing up in the west coast, he immersed himself in the local music scene’s playing drums in rock, and metal bands.

He decided to attend music school in California, attending Musicians Institute, and then the California Institute of the Arts as a jazz major. After school, he decided to learn as much as he could about movie and tv production. He started working as a PA, but worked his way to doing audio work on commercials and infomercial spots.


Quickly he branched off to produce, and travel the world for a documentary called ”rites of passage” with director Bobby Razak, doing all sound work as well as some camera work for the film which grossed over 4 million dollars world wide.  Moving forward he pursued acting and movie making, working on commercial and indie films. But music, alas, is his true love, and so the focus was drawn back to the audio field.


Learning music production, came out of the many years of being in music, having a craving for learning, and a love for the art of making music. It also fed the need to produce his own band projects. He also holds a 4th degree and 5th degree in two Kung Fu styles,and love’s the discipline and focus that it has helped ingrain in his life. The different skill sets have combined, creating a solid set of applicable skills that are an asset to people that work with him.
A drive to master the things that spark his passions, has helped life become an amazing, enjoyable journey!


He currently reside’s in West Hills, Ca with his lovely wife Mischel.